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Co-Founding + Creative Development Director, SongBird (1998-2002)
Founding Director, Society for Arts + Ecology in Practice
Beth Carruthers

Beth is a researcher, practitioner, scholar, advisor, teacher, and mentor in the transdisciplinary field of culture and sustainability. Her work since 1995 has focused on the role and capacity of sensory aesthetic engagements found in the arts and design in transforming industrialised cultures - "cultures of unsustainability" - to "cultures of sustainability", aiming for what MIT professor emeritus John Ehrenfeld terms a "sustainably flourishing" future.

Co-Founding Director, SongBird (1998-2000)
Artistic Director, Savage Media
Nelson Gray

Nelson is a published Canadian poet and playwright, and a theatre director with a history in new forms of Canadian performance.  He was a Co-Founding Director, writer, and performer with the innovative and internationally touring company, Jumpstart Performance. His later company, Savage Media, was responsible for co-production of the SongBird Oratorio, public performances at the annual Dawn Chorus, and commissioning composers for the school outreach program. 


Core Active Collaborative Partners

Ecologist + Founding Director, Douglas College Institute for Urban Ecology

Dr. Val Schaefer

Past President, Vancouver Natural History Society (Nature Vancouver)

Daphne Selecki

Conservation Program Development Officer, Habitat

Environment Canada

Gretchen Harlow

Arts Programmer, Roundhouse Arts + Community Centre

Amir Alibai

Music Director, SongBird Oratorio

Director, New Music, Western Front

DB Boyko

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